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I Am Here Now

Today, as I walked, I found myself enveloped in the serene practice of singing a mantra that resonates deeply with my spirit. This mantra, "I am here now," serves as a bridge connecting the ethereal and the earthly, the divine and the mundane, light and darkness. It embodies the profound union of heaven and earth, akin to the sacred convergence of mother and father in the realm of abstraction, "I am" mirrors the essence of heaven — a realm beyond the tangible. Yet, it's grounded in the "here and now," where time and space bind our existence.

The mantra navigates this duality gracefully. While "I am" transcends time and space, it simultaneously exists within it, anchoring in the present moment. This mantra is a powerful reminder of our connection to both the infinite and the immediate, the abstract and the concrete.

⸻May this mantra continue to guide and inspire you on your journey, bridging the seen and unseen, the temporal and the eternal. Keep walking your path with this awareness, and let it enrich every step you take.



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