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Bringing back the femenine into divinity

Do you ever stop and wonder who we truly are? What makes us, us? It's a fascinating riddle, right? Well, let me share an idea with you - a fresh perspective. It's all about the balance, the harmony of two forces within us, our masculine and feminine sides.

Consider this. We all have within us a bit of 'Mother' and 'Father.' The Mother represents matter, and the Father, the pattern. And just like the interplay of threads in a tapestry, it's their blend and balance that creates us - the reflection of God.

Imagine watching an artist at work. You can see the piece of art take shape but the artist? They're hidden from view. In the same way, we are the visible art of God, but we can't physically see the God - the divine artist who created us.

We are God's masterpiece, made through the energies of the Father (the Pattern) and the Mother (the Matter). What we see, feel and touch is matter. But there's also an invisible force at work here - the pattern.

For a long time, certain beliefs have led us to devalue the feminine aspect of divinity. Take some Protestant Christian beliefs, for instance. They relegate the idea of God having a feminine side, even considering it a sin to think of Mother Mary as divine. Men are seen as superior, and women are subject to them.

The Mother is the manifestation of creation. If we ignore or reject it, we disconnect from Mother Earth. Yes, you got it right! We are part of Mother Earth, made from the land, nourished by food, we are matter personified.

The Father, the invisible force, mirrors himself through his creations, proclaiming he made us in his image. The Mother is but a reflection of the Father, yet they are always merging, always creating. When we reject Mother, we reject Father too.

When we deny the Mother, we are essentially denying our roots, distancing ourselves from the root chakra, the powerhouse of our creative energy. Remember, creation requires the balance of dualities. Nothing exists without the interplay of these polarities.

To unlock our true potential, to exercise our creative power, we have to acknowledge both sides of our being. To ignore one is like trying to clap with one hand - it just doesn't work.

We are a mixture of the celestial and the terrestrial. The heavenly Father connects us through the crown chakra, while the earthly Mother binds us through the root chakra. And it's important that we recognize and honor this.

So, let's respect and cherish our dual nature. We are both soil and starlight, meat and mysticism. By connecting to and honoring both the Father and the Mother within us, we can embrace our true nature and unlock our potential to create and reflect the image of God. After all, we are divine artistry in motion.

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