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Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP)

The language of your brain

NLP coach

What is NLP?

Achieving happiness and personal fulfillment is a journey that many of us are on. However, it's not always easy to navigate. That's where NLP comes in.

NLP is a technique that provides you with the tools you need to overcome life's obstacles and become the best version of yourself. It helps you gain a sense of happiness, peace, and excellence in your life.

Whether you're struggling with fears, phobias, or limiting beliefs, NLP can help. It challenges your perceptions about past events and failures, reducing stress and anxiety levels, and inspiring motivation.

NLP gives you the power to choose how you create your life. It teaches you that there's always another way to look at things and that shifts in your mindset can lead to major changes in your life.

Join me on this journey to personal fulfillment and happiness, using the proven tools and techniques of NLP.

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy (TLT) is a therapeutic approach that has its roots in hypnosis and NLP. Developed by Tad James, PhD in the 1980s, TLT is based on the idea that our memories are stored linearly in our internal memory storage system.

TLT offers a powerful and effective way to address painful emotions attached to past experiences and events. It helps you not only to release these negative emotions, but also to learn from them and use these insights to shape your future.

In comparison to other forms of therapy, TLT techniques and processes often lead to lasting transformation in a relatively short amount of time, with minimal discomfort for the client. Common negative emotions addressed through TLT include anger, sadness, fear, guilt, and regret.

Furthermore, TLT can help you break free from limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. These beliefs often play a significant role in shaping our lives and experiences, and TLT provides a means to clear them and open up new possibilities for your future.

Time Line Therapy coach


Unlock your full potential and overcome life's obstacles with the power of hypnotherapy and NLP. Hypnotherapy helps you enter a relaxed and receptive state, giving you access to your subconscious and allowing you to change limiting thought patterns.

As an NLP practitioner, I analyze your attitudes, language usage, relationship dynamics, communication skills, and physical and emotional states to create a strategy for improvement. We work together to increase your understanding, motivation, learning and memory skills.

Many hypnotherapists incorporate NLP into their practice to enhance their communication skills with clients and help clients communicate more effectively with themselves. Join me on this journey to personal growth and fulfillment.

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