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If you could steer your life towards the path you truly desire, who would you choose to be or what would you choose to do to get there? Let's make it happen!

I am a certified personal life coach. My passion is to empower your own strength, your own wisdom, so you can reach your goals and be the person you have decided to be.

NLP coach Ottawa

Be the person you have decided to be! You got this!!

My approach as a  Certified Life Coach

My method aims to deeply understand you so that together we can pinpoint the areas that require attention and fortify any weak links in the chain. Success requires self-work; the outcomes we experience are simply reflections of who we are. Remember, we attract not just what we speak about, but also who we are. If you're eager to invite better experiences into your life, we must first embark on a journey of self-discovery, initiating change where necessary.

From there, we will devise specific actions tailored to achieve your desired outcomes. You'll be given concrete tasks and held accountable, much like your school days when you were responsible for homework and reporting to your teacher. However, this time, I'm your partner in this journey. There will be no judgment, only constructive feedback meant to foster growth, inspire improvement, and maintain motivation. Let's join forces and make this happen. We've got this!"

Certified life coach

Be the person you have decided to be! You got this!!

How will our sessions unfold?

At the heart of my approach is the simple yet crucial act of listening. Understanding you, your needs, and your vision forms the foundation of our partnership. I am not here to make decisions for you, but rather, to empower you to take control of your own life. My objective is not to create dependence, but to foster growth, self-reliance, and pride in your personal achievements.

During our initial meeting, we will delve into your life, your aspirations, and the steps we can jointly take towards realizing them. My multifaceted methodology incorporates a diverse array of tools that interact seamlessly to yield potent and successful results.

I understand you as a complex individual with varied needs, which should be addressed from multiple perspectives. Therefore, based on your choices, we have a wealth of approaches to choose from:

1) Lifestyle Modification: We can work on reshaping habits, challenging false self-beliefs, managing anxiety, and navigating difficult emotions.
2) Nutritional Guidance: Often overlooked, nutrition is integral to our mental state, energy levels, motivation, and overall performance. Remember, what we consume directly influences our emotional and physical health.
3) Physical Activity: Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to mitigate stress, depression, and stimulate motivation. 
4) Spiritual Development: As a spiritual life coach, I incorporate this perspective into my approach, adapting to your comfort and needs. This component could play a varying role in our partnership, depending on your personal inclinations. Spirituality promotes self-awareness, acceptance, and the manifestation of your desired life.
5) Sound Healing Sessions: These therapeutic sessions function as 'cellular massages', helping you achieve a more relaxed state conducive to creating positive changes.
6) Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP): As an avid proponent of NLP, I can vouch for its effectiveness in reprogramming unconscious beliefs and ideas that may be obstructing your path to success and healing.

I prefer to collaborate with individuals over multiple sessions as this approach ensures a meaningful, lasting transformation. However, this is not a precondition. Please understand that meaningful change takes time, and an 'overnight fix' is not within the realm of reality.

Remember, your success and satisfaction is also my fulfillment. I strive to ensure that our partnership is as rewarding for me as it is for you.

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