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Best life coach Ottawa, Gatineau. Sound healing, NLP and nutrition specialist

Why to choose Katiana?

  1. Value of her expertise:  24 years of experience and specialized in multiple areas including NLP, sound healing therapy, nutrition, etc. 

  2. Transformation she brings into people's lives: Many people have reported that her presence has transformed their lives, which is a testament to her skills and ability to help people.

  3. Unique combination of skills: Her combination of life coaching skills (NLP, sound healing therapy and nutrition) and spiritual practices makes her a unique and sought-after professional in the field.

  4. Her compassion and caring nature: Her loving and caring nature is a valuable attribute, and people are willing to come for the support and guidance that she provides.

  5. Katiana has overcome personal challenges such as anxiety, fear, and depression. These experiences have given her a deeper understanding of these emotions and equipped her with valuable tools to help others who may be going through similar struggles.

  6. Katiana has also had a long journey towards self-love and acceptance, especially in regards to her weight. She has turned this into a strength, helping others overcome their own body image struggles.

  7. Katiana leads by example, incorporating healthy practices like meditation, physical activity, nutritious eating, and adequate sleep into her daily routine. This demonstrates her commitment to her own well-being and her ability to help others achieve the same.

  8. Time and effort she puts into learning: She is constantly learning and growing in her field, which requires time and effort, however, she is passionate about helping you. 

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