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SOUND MAT (From the Sound healing institute)


Discover the ultimate solution for relaxation and stress reduction with the Sound mat. The unique combination of low frequency sound and music works wonders to lower heart and respiration rates, reduce blood pressure, and minimize stress and oxygen consumption. The soothing sounds and binaural beats create a state of coherence and peace, allowing you to escape from the daily grind and fully relax. Just 10 minutes on the lounge/table can work wonders for both your mind and body, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. Experience the benefits of deep relaxation and stress reduction today with the Sound mat.


Transform anxiety into tranquility with our Sound Mat. Experience the power of low-frequency sound and music that effectively lowers heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure, leading to reduced stress and improved relaxation. With over 4000 successful cases, including first responders, our Sound Mat is a proven solution for even the most severe anxiety. If you're particularly sensitive or prone to panic attacks, we recommend starting with a low vibration and volume, gradually increasing as you become more comfortable. Reclaim control over your emotions with our Sound Mat.


Transform the lives of those in crisis with the power of Sound Lounge therapy. Ed Rupert, a certified practitioner, has a proven track record of success, with contracts spanning over 75% of the police and fire stations in Colorado. With the help of the Sound Lounge, Ed has saved over 150 lives in the past year alone. This cutting-edge technology is now being utilized in over 75 ER units across Colorado, with successful results. Additionally, our student practitioner has seen remarkable transformations in PTSD patients at the VA hospital in Sacramento, California, achieving a near 100% success rate. Experience the healing power of Sound Lounge therapy today.


There are a few research papers on the subject. Three of our previous students have used a variety of sound healing treatments, including Sound Tables/Lounges, and now no longer have fibromyalgia.


Music has been proven to enhance intelligence, learning and IQ, reading and literacy skills, spatial-temporal reasoning, mathematical abilities, emotional intelligence, memory performance, concentration and attention. Tuning the music to a person’s natural brainwave rhythms when they are at rest makes the brainwave entrainment even more effective.


The number one thing that boosts the immune system is being at peace.  Being at peace physically, mentally, emotionally and even Spiritually is the very best for maximizing the immune response.  This allows for all organs to come back into alignment.



Brain injuries create chaotic rhythms across the brain.  Tuning the music and Binaural Beat brainwave rhythms to the natural rhythm of the person’s brain’s before the injury has been incredibly effective in getting the brain back to its own natural healthy consistent rhythm — dramatically increasing recovery time.  Doing a Brainwave Assessment then playing music on the Sound Lounge/Table for each of the brainwave states of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma tuned to the person is one of the best ways to get the person back to where they can focus and enjoy smooth flow of energy through the brain.


The Sound Therapy Center has had amazing results just by putting individuals on the Sound Lounge/Table who have had strokes.

The Sound Lounge/Table is the best for restoring flow through the whole nervous system and brain.  Music tuned to you is the best way to get the brain back into its natural, consistent rhythm.


There are many research projects (particularly those by Jeffrey Thompson) that show the effectiveness of using Binaural Beats within the range of .5 to 4 hertz to entrain the brain into Delta for sleep — particularly when the Binaural Beats are tuned to you by doing a brainwave assessment. Besides using the music and VibroAcoustics before bedtime, the research also shows that by reducing the amount of stress in the body and mind throughout the day, the body is better able to drop into deep sleep at night. 



The Sound Healing Research Foundation did research with 12 Parkinson’s patients using VibroAcoustic Therapy. Symptoms were reduced on average by 75%.  While it is not a cure for Parkinson’s, it was found that those that purchased the lounge were able to sleep better at night and get off of their medications. Vibrating the body with sound is especially effective for any muscular or neurological issues.



Alertness and Focus
The ideal state for sports is Body Relaxed, Mind Awake.  The research of Alfred Tomatis shows that low frequencies calm the body and high frequencies activate the mind.  Therefore, having lows vibrations on the body with Sound Lounge/Table and high frequencies in the speakers/headphones is ideal for sports preparation. 

Also, Binaural Beats within the Alpha range (7-12 hertz) stimulate the brain into activity — particularly when tuned to the person. 

If there is an injury, the Sound Lounge’s consistent vibrations will help overcome the chaotic vibration of the injury, and the music helps relax the mind so the fastest possible healing can take place. 

However, the most effective treatment for injury is to use the Cymatic Frequency CDs with the Bass Pod/Belt placed on the affected area (if not too sensitive).  The effectiveness is profound for not only overcoming pain, but also resonating that part of the body back into its healthy state before the injury happened.

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